Hi I'm Ame, and Welcome to my Cat Kingdom! Neko no Kuni is a personal website and my own great web space of cat themed stuff (also other of my interests that you can check on my about section, but my point is cats). This site was renamed and revamped on March/23

The site is divided in three sections: the site, the shrines and the pages. The urls on the site are essential site stuff (e.g about me, and button wall) and follow this homepage's layout. The urls on the shrines I consider them as themed sub sites, they have their own "site" pages (that are about, credits, links and updates) and their own name. The urls on the pages section are where I put different topics per page (most cats) and can be either themed or not (but still attached at this site, unlike the shrines).

Important stuff: to know more about me and the site's story, check my About section (also contains the site's credits); check my Directory of links for cool links since I am frequently updating it, my Art Resources for my art-related links and my Button wall for other cool neocities; check my Web stuff for my fanlistings, cliques and more; check my Site map in case you get lost (new pages are marked with new button until a fortnight after I released them); check my Cat pictures for my fav cat images, gifs etc for your daily dose of cuteness or you may want to look my Cat girl's database for a cute cat girl list or my Cat media reviews for more cute fictional cats; check my Cat blog for more random ramblings about life and cats and last but not least, check my Cleaning book for my adventurous in taking care of a house.

Thanks for your visit ~(=^‥^)ノ☆

Update Log
25/09/23 - Removed my old blog. 20/09/23 - Added Cat movies section to my Cat media reviews. 08/09/23 - Revamped the homepage, changed the footer, added the Cat blog and added an update section on The Sims shrine (updates will be there now). 06/09/23 - Moved cat images & gifs to their own page (will add more pictures soon). 04/09/23 - Hello September! Added a new shrine about PokeSpe! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Changed the hotline webring widget, added status.cafe to main page and added a new subsection on links out. 30/08/23 - Changed the description on my about page and the homepage. Also renamed the "Web cliques" section to "Web stuff" and added some new stuff there. 23/08/23 - Reorganised the CSS (my styles.css was growing too much lol), removed not working links from the left menu (I'll added them after I create the pages) menu and added a cliques page. 20/08/23 - Added the Sweets Shrine (but it's still unfinished, I will add more stuff later). 17/08/23 - Added the book section on the cat media page, also I am regularly adding new links to the links out section. 15/08/23 - Changed the footer on all pages, added a button wall page. 09/08/23 - Revamped the cat's media page. 07/08/23 - Changed the layout in all the pages of the site's section. 01/08/23 - Hello August! Added the cleaning book and fixed/reorder a lot of pages 06/06/23 - Just added a blog section, I'll try not to ramble too much lol 27/05/23 - Added a new page about cats, it's empty now but I'll work hard to fill it up!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و 09/04/23 - Just added a sitemap, and Happy easter! 21/03/23 - Website moved! I've finished moving my website from the other url to there.
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