Hello! I'm Ame and be Welcome to The Dex holders, my shrine/fansite about the manga Pokémon Special (in Japanese ポケットモンスターSPECIAL) or PokeSpe (also known as Pokémon Adventures in the official translation), the most loyal and most underrated adaptation of the Pokémon games.

What is PokeSpe and why make a fansite about it? For the most popular that the Pokémon franchise is, this manga series is totally unknown by most Pokémon fans and the reason probably is because Game Freak doesn't advertise it that much. They already have the Pokémon anime with Ash and company which is a big merchandising for the series, that is the only one anime adaptation of the games, while PokeSpe is just another manga in the mix. So that's why I made this shrine, so I could spread more about the series and create more fans (also talk about one of my favourite manga of course).

I'm guessing that you just stumbled on this webpage and don't know anything about PokeSpe (if you know, bookmark this page!), so why should you like it and become a fan too? If you like the Pokémon games that's 50% of my argument already (if you never played Pokémon before it can't be helped, you might not like it because the fun part is connecting the plot to the game).

So if you like Pokémon but always thought that the plot was a bit bland (or non-existent in the first gen games), the silent protagonist was lifeless and you thought that they should have elaborated the rival's backstory, you should read the manga. If you liked the anime but didn't like how not loyal to the games it was (couldn't catch legendary pokémon, no one gives a nickname to a captured pokémon, a bunch of random/filler characters and towns), you are tired of Ash being the protagonist for 20+ years and never growing up (also being a loser), and you always wanted to see the different playable characters personalities (that they didn't show on the anime), you should read the manga too.

So now that I've picked you interest you can check the about section to know more about the manga. ~(=^‥^)ノ☆

I'll keep this section for adding updates about the manga. For the time being there isn't anything new here.