About me

Hi, I'm Amë (the ¨ is just a decoration, so call me Ame if you want to) the owner of this website. I am an adult woman and I could describe myself as a really talkative person (though it doesn't look like it at first) and also a cat lady. In fact I have 15 cats, most of them are rescues but I couldn't find a new owner so I kept them.

To start conversations, a not exhaustive list of my interests:
  • Modern and historical fashion (especially Roccoco, Victorian Era and the 20s to 50s)
  • Animes/mangas, asian dramas, books, movies, video games and webtoons (ask my favourites since they are too many too list lol)
  • Cooking meals and desserts and baking
  • Music (I can share some of my favourites which are vg OST, jazz, traditional pop and some Vocaloid producers)
  • Cleaning and organising the house and personal organising (check out my cleaning book if you like this stuff :>)
  • Cats ofc and collecting cat-related stuff is one of my hobbies

I also speak Portuguese (my native tongue) and Spanish which I'm studying, entonces tú te sientas libre para hablar Espãnol conmigo, por más que yo soy principiante me gustaría aprender más (^・o・^)ノ”

About Neko no Kuni

I started this website on a whim on October/22, it was known as "Zone over imagination" back them. In March/23 I wanted to change my site name to something that would fit the site more so I chose "Neko no Kuni" which came from my favourite anime "The Cat Returns" and means "Cat Kingdom/Country" which is the land of the cats in the movie.

I've never experienced Geocities and I confess that I didn't know what it was and that people used to create personal websites back then. I was attracted to neocities because I'm tired of how the Internet and technology in general is today and I wished that the Internet could be like how it was when I first started using it. I don't use social media for a long time (actually I never used it that much, I only used Tumblr and it was because of simblrs) and today except for Pinterest (which I use to save images and essentially is "social media without media") and watching Youtube videos (which honestly I couldn't find a better alternative) I don't have social media. But neocities is different, neocities opened to me a whole new world of tons of new stuff that I've never knew before (webrings, fanlistings, cliques, pixel clubs etc), fun communities to join, and remind me how the web could be fun again.

Like I've said before I created this on a whim, but now I think that it evolved into a new creative hobby of mine, where I can try new layouts, talk about my favourite stuff, deepen my knowledge in frontend and create my own online place (like everyone here does). At this moment (August/23), the website has had only 1 layout which I tweaked a lot (so no need for a layout archive).

Site Credits
  • For pixels, bgs, buttons, stamps etc I took them of the sites on my Links directory page (except the images on my "cool images" page). Go to the Web materials section, most of the pixels/backgrounds are from the pixel blogs/blog masterpost there
  • The cats on my banner are, from left to right, Chachamaru and Nyanpire from Nyanpire the Animation, Chii from Chii's Sweet Home and Poyo from Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
  • The banner on cat's media page is from Mitchiri Neko, the stickers are from the anime Kuruneko, taken from Line sticker shop
  • Background images on the sweets shrine were taken from Foollovers
  • Some patterns were from cocorini and patterns and most of the pixels are from Pixel soup or Bonnibel's graphic collection
  • The fonts are from 1001 free fonts
  • I made all the code except some tutorials I took from W3schools
  • The dolls (like the one on this page) are from Korean sites and the ones I use are either from Sayclub, Daum or Netmarble and as far as I understood about these dolls they aren't available anymore on these sites but you can find them reposted on Pixel blogs. I took mostly of them from this collection
  • The gyaru gifs (like the one on the Index of the links page) are from a Japanese site called Decogirl. The site isn't working anymore, but the pixels were reposted on other sites and I took all of them from Pixel diary
  • I don't own any game, anime, images or other form of media here unless specified otherwise. And all rights go to their respective owners
  • The cleaning ads on my "Cleaning book" page are from vintage ads and I found them on google
  • The images on the "Cat girl's database" page are from their original anime/manga/game
  • The images on the "Cool images" and "Cat pictures" pages I've had for years and I don't know who their creators are/who are the cats (except when stated otherwise)