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Series that deserve an anime adaptation

07 Jun, 2024

A while ago I created a list, on Myanimelist, of mangas that I was hoping to get an anime adaptation and to my surprise next month will be airing the anime of Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (!!) (It aired on October, I took too long to finish this lol) which was one of the items in my list (the original story is a light novel, but I am reading the manga so I guess it counts). I also got lucky to watch the animated the series of my favourite video game, Legend of Mana, then when I was creating this blog I thought why not create a list of series that I wanted to have be animated and hope to be lucky again? Thus, here is the list (ノΦωΦ)ノ

Trials of Mana

The third game of the Mana series, it was originally released in 1995 only in Japan for the Super Famicom, by the name Seiken Densetsu 3, and was only properly released in English in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch as a way to promote the brand new 3D remake that was released on the following year. Trials of Mana has six protagonists, Angela, Charlote, Duran, Hawkeye, Kevin and Riesz, that you can choose three, one as main character and two members of the party. Since you can choose the main character, the game has a total of three storylines with different villains and endings.

After Legend of Mana, this series is a great favourite of mine and it deserves an anime adaptation because: besides the fact that the game got a 3D remake with spoken dialogue, it could have the story expanded as an anime series, (talking about the original game since I didn't play the remake) even though you can actually see the non-chosen protagonists as npcs in-game they either disappear for a while or you just see them briefly and they didn't interact that much, so we deserve so see the 6 protagonists acting together to defeat the 3 villains (as shown in promotion artwork, like the one above) and I we fans need more of Hawkeye x Riesz and Duran x Angela ♥

Sword of Mana

Released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, Sword of Mana is a remake of the first game of the Mana series (Final Fantasy Adventure). In the game, you can choose to play as either the boy or the girl protagonists and see the story by their different points of view (both of the protagonists meet each other during the story and you need to play two times with each of them to experience the full game story).

Sword of Mana is one of my favourite mana games and it's a shame that it is so underrated! (unfortunately it's like this for all games in the series, except Secret of Mana, oof). I can't talk much about the story without spoiling it, but it is remade beautifully and is even better than the original, all characters have a proper backstory and plot involving the Mavoles is heartbroken.

It deserves an anime because: besides the fact that it's an RPG it has a great story, since it's a remake already it probably won't get a 3D remake with voice acting, it has the same art style/feelings that Legend of Mana has (because some of the staff involved in LOM was also involved in this game) and since LOM has an anime already why not make an anime of this title as well? ♥

Evillious Chronicles

The Evillious Chronicles is a series of songs sung by a bunch of different Vocaloids (Miku, Rin & Len, Luka, Meiko, Kaito and much more!) created by Akuno-P, aka Mothy. The series is colossal since it's consists of other different series and all the songs that Mothy has written!

The story is complex and a bit confusing to understand (I've been already following it for the last 10 years and still didn't manage to wrap my head around it lol) but I'll try to explain it a little. If I'm not wrong, it all started with the 7 Deadly Sins, specifically the song Daughter of Evil sung by Rin, in this series each Vocaloid/singer character is an embodiment of a different sin (except the song about wrath that took a while to be release). Then this series was connected to another series, Original Sin (specifically the main song Moonlit Bear sung by Miku), which explained how all the sins were originated when Eve Moonlit (Miku) stole two apples that were actually babies (Kagamines). And later, in the song Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night, she and her husband (Kaito) had to abandon them in the forest because of the famine and like Hansel and Gretel the twins killed the evil witch (Eve) on a hot oven. Then the series was followed by more series and it got even more complex.

Besides the series of songs, it also has light novel and manga adaptations. But, a light novel is only a book with few illustrations and the manga adaptations don't cover all the story. Also they aren't the same thing because they can't have an OST (so we don't have great covers of the songs).

Specifically because I think that the series is too hard to understand and too fragmented. That it could benefit of an anime adaptation that would cover the whole series of songs, and tell the story chronologically, connecting everything together.

Synchronicity Series

Synchronicity is a trilogy of songs created by Hitoshizuku-P, aka Samo and sung by both Kagamine Rin and Len. The story is about a country where a dragon threat its people then, a young girl is chosen to be a Diva, whose job is to keep singing until her death to keep the dragon asleep. After the late Diva (Teto) passed away, the new chosen diva (Rin) was separated from her twin brother (Len), while they were still babies. Then after the twin brother grows old enough, he seeks to be reunited with his sister.

Another series of songs that could have an anime adaptation! (Also if you didn't know, there is an anime about another series of Vocaloid songs, Kagerou Project, by Jin, so that's the reason I think that they would animate more songs). But anyway, this series is (compared of the Evillious Chronicles) shorter and straight forward so I could imagine it fitting into a 12 episode anime. Also the songs are amazing (I've already listened to a bunch of covers and can't get enough of them, my favourite is Meguru Sekai no Requiem). And last but not least, we can't have enough stories featuring the Kagamine twins, right.

Night ∞ Series

The last of the Vocaloid series that I wanted to be animated. The Night ∞ is a tetralogy of songs by Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△, featuring all of our favourite Cryptonloids, with Miku as the protagonist. In this series a Village girl (Miku), that is holding a letter, ends up in a mysterious mansion and spend the night there. After waking up she sees that it's still nighttime ang goes crazy after realising that she's stuck in there. Each song features a different point of view of the characters and all of them have the same line 「・・・みーっつっけた」(I found it) sung by the Village girl after she picks the grandfather's clock hands and use them as a weapon.

I think that this series could fit well in a TV special of 3 to 6 episodes other than a full series because the story is actually really short (the fact that it both a light novel and a manga adaptation with 3 volumes each, proves my point). I also actually think that the original PV format fits well in the story and more than the other song series here, the song format does a good job explaining everything, but I'd still like for the Night ∞ series to be animated.


+Anima is a 10 volume manga with story and art by Natsumi Mukai and also a hidden gem ♥. The story is set in a fantasy medieval-like world where children can acquire a spirit of animal (called an anima) and consequently acquire animal-like powers including wings, fins or brute strength. The manga is episodic and follow the adventures of the four protagonists, Cooro (a crow anima), Husky (a fish anima), Nana (a bat anima) and Senri (a bear anima) as they travel together, encounter other animas and humans and we learn about each one backstory.

So why this manga hasn't an anime adaptation yet is a mystery for me. It has anything that is good in a manga: great story, likeable characters that grow along the series, pretty art, a lively world (since it's a fantasy genre) also [i]mermaids[/i] and a side character that is a cat girl. I also have a soft spot for stories that features animal-like humans, and I loved how it was written in this manga. I gave a score of 9,5 for this on Anilist and it's easily one of my favourite manga.

The series is also episodic which I could see it being made in an anime with around 50 episodes in the early 00s, but since it didn't we can only hope for it to receive an 2 cours anime now.


Nui! is a really cute short manga (it only has 3 volumes) also by Natsumi Mikai. The story is about a teen girl, Kaya, that one day have her four stuffed animals (a dog, a fish, a pegasus and an unidentifiable rabbit-like thing) gain life, she learns that's because stuffed animals that are loved by their owners receive a soul. Kaya also learns that she isn't the only one whose stuffed animals gained life then as she comes in contact with another people like her, that have bad intentions, her stuffed animals protect her (they also have the ability to transform into humans for a short period).

This manga remembers me Toy Story, I never liked Toy Story as a kid and I always thought that the toys going on an adventure was stupid lol but this manga is better, I think that it used the same concept of talking toys but done way better (also it has the human transformation which is a plus).

Yome ga Kore na mon de.

Yome ga Kore na mon de. is a 2 volume manga by Kouji Miyata. The story about a regular office worker, Nobuo, who is married to an alien wife (her name is never disclosed in the story) disguised as a regular human woman. The story is just that, it describes their everyday not normal life, at one point they encounter more disguised aliens on Earth and Mrs. Makabe gets pregnant with a half human half alien child.

This manga is a gem because it's about family life (which is hard to find in manga), is funny and has a pretty detailed art (almost as great as Otoyomegatari and both were released in the same magazine btw). The only downside is that it's too short, the ending was unexpected, and the art style got less detailed in the last chapters (I saw on Anilist that the author passed away 4 years after finishing this manga, so this could be because of healthy reasons).

I think that this should be made into an anime just because the story is focused on a family alone (which is rare in anime that are always full of school romance), but besides this the story and characters are also good.