"Mm sugar, I call my baby my sugar
I never maybe my sugar
That's why my sold confectionary
Funny, she never pleads for my money
But when she feeds me on honey
She gets her needs every time"
- from Sugar by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong

Song unrelated to the actual content of the shrine. I choose because I like this song and hear it so much that it's hard to listen to the word without thinking of it. Also, song lyrics related to candy are uncommon.

I have always had a sweet tooth since I was little, actually I believe that people who don't like sweets never liked it very much to begin with because I don't think that you can change your taste so much just by growing up. Then, at some point I had the desire to create a Pinterest folder about my favourite candy, sweet, confectionary etc but this was before I had created this neocities, and now, I think that making a sugar themed shrine and filling with images about sweets was way better than a silly folder.

The page shows pictures about both sweets native to my country and popular international ones, just hover on the images to see info about them.

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Doce de Mocotó
Rating: 🍭🍭🍭🍭

Doce de Mocotó is a candy made with cow's feet collagen. It has both the appearance and texture similar to a marshmallow but it's much softer and sweet (also cheap too). Here you can either buy store bought or make the candy yourself at home, actually, you can find some recipes online but they are all in Portuguese and I never tried making it at home to add the recipe to my website (but I plan to make it someday).

Rating: 🍭🍭🍭🍭

Paçoca is a sweet made with crushed peanuts and sugar. It has a dry granulated appearance and can be easily crushed into a bunch of crumbs. It's a highly popular sweet here, and it can either be bought at a store or home made (I never tried to make one myself but I tasted a homemade version and didn't feel any differences between the industrial one). The store bought can be either corkscrew shaped (pictured) or box shaped, the pacoça most famous brand is Paçoquita.

Rating: 🍭🍭🍭🍭

Suspiro (aka meringue in English) is a dessert made with only sugar and egg whites (even though the ingredients are simple the process of making them is highly difficult). They have a crunchy texture and are really sweet (I used to add a bit of lemon's zest in my recipes to balance the taste). Here, beside making them at home, you can also buy industrial ones that you can buy in two different shapes: the classic one made with pastry bags and the square shaped colourful ones (pictured).

Nhá Benta
Rating: 🍭🍭🍭🍭

Nhá Benta (original name flødebolle) is a confectionary of Danish origin. Nhá benta is made of marshmallow covered in a chocolate coating with a waffle underneath. It has the mushy marshmallow texture with the crunch waffle bits and the chocolate can be either cracky or softer like the marshmallow. Here we have different type of brands that sells nhá benta from the common to the more expensive ones that can have different flavours.

Maria mole ice cream
Rating: 🍭🍭🍭

Maria mole ice cream (original name sorvete de maria mole, aka as sorvete seco, lit. dry ice cream) is a sweet that consists of a colourful maria mole, covered in granulated sugar, inside an ice cream cone. Its texture is the same as a normal maria mole but the charming point is eating it and pretending that you're eating an ice cream (or being tricked by your parents that this is an ice cream when it's too cold to eat a real one). Sometimes it accompanies a balloon (pictured).

Coconut candy
Rating: 🍭🍭🍭

Coconut candy (original name bala de coco) is a candy made of coconut milk, sugar and water. It's a hard chewable candy that melts in your mouth and it doesn't taste at coconut at all (at least I think that it doesn't because I don't like the fruit that much). This candy used to be a common thing in children's birthday parties where it was wrapped in colourful paper and used to decorate the table.

Chocolate coins
Rating: 🍭🍭

Chocolate coins (original name moedas de chocolate) is a chocolate made in the shape of and wrapped with coloured aluminium foil to look like a R$1,00 coin. The sweet is cheap and made of cheap chocolate so it doesn't taste that good, the charm here is also nostalgia and pretending to be real money.

Chocolate soccer ball
Rating: 🍭🍭

Chocolate soccer ball (original name bola de futebol de chocolate) is a chocolate made in the shape of and wrapped in aluminium foil to look like small soccer balls. The sweet are awful cheap and the chocolate is also cheap and leaves a grease after taste on the mouth (it's worse than the chocolate coins) but it's shape is also the charm of it.

Chocolate umbrella
Rating: 🍭

Chocolate umbrella (original name guarda chuva de chocolate) is a chocolate made in the shape of a closed umbrella (it even has a plastic umbrella handle pictured here). Between the chocolate coins and chocolate soccer ball it has the worst greasy taste and is the cheapest between the three, but it's also the one with the most charming and nostalgic novelty shape.

Geléia de frutas
Rating: 🍭🍭🍭

Geléia de frutas (lit. fruit jelly and aka as geléia bicolor which is lit. two coloured jelly), this sweet is a gummy-like candy covered in granulated sugar, the texture is similar to a gummy candy and it can has different flavours (pictured here is orange and strawberry flavour). I confess that I never tried this one before making this page because I always thought that it was pineapple flavour and I felt really stupid when I bought recently it was written in big letters "orange and strawberry flavour".

Rating: 🍭🍭🍭

Bananada is a candy made of bananas and usually coated in granulated sugar. Its texture and shape varies between manufacturers but the two most common shapes I've seen are: 1- small cubes coated in granulated sugar, they have a chewable texture and are cheaper, 2- medium rectangular shaped candy that has a more sticky wet texture, also more expensive. In my taste the smaller ones are usually best.

Nucita bicolor
Rating: 🍭🍭🍭

Nucita is actually the name of a branded product of a same name company, and it is a creamy mix of chocolate and hazelnut in a very small plastic container with a very tiny spoon. Think of it as the cheaper version of Nutella, that doesn't taste that good because it leaves a weird aftertaste but it isn't that bad either because of how cheap it is.