Personal Organising guide

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Personal organizing means: "a small book or electronic device in which information is stored, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of meetings, used to help organize your time".

Though I've always been a tidy person, I've never used any personal organisation tool myself, until I got to College and learnt about the Bullet Journal system (which I'll talk about below). And since then I've trying to always improve my personal organisation and trying new tools, in to pursue of one ideal organisation method (spoiler: so far I still haven't found it and it probably doesn't exist).

This page is divided in three sections: unsorted personal organising tips (which are more advices than tips), analogic tools and digital tools (that I've tried and while they may have not worked for me, I am sharing my own advices on it).


General personal organisation advice, unsorted, in bullet points.

Analogic Methods:

Digital Methods: