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    That Darn Cat!

  • Score: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
  • Composer: Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
  • Performer: Bobby Darin, Louis Prima
  • Release date: 1965
  • Genres: Jazz, OST
  • Cats Spotlight: DC

I love listening to vintage music playlists and I found this song while I was doing this. I liked how it had special effects to it, then way later I discovered that this song is part of an OST of a movie and the special effects are from the movie itself. The point is, this song was recorded for the movie and sung by Bobby Darin, but they had some copyright problems while releasing the OST album and replaced the singer by Louis Prima. So, the Bobby Darin's version that I've listened to was taken directly from the movie.

I've really liked this song and I think that the movie's sounds added a special charm to it. The lyrics are about a cat (the movie's protagonist) life and that's it, I don't have anything more to say about it. The OST version is alright, but doesn't compare in how cool the first version is. I have 5/5 for the movie version (the other would be 4/5), and you can listen to them both here: Bobby Darin's version and Louis Prima's version.

    Welcome to Doram town
    Little kitty's adventure
    Marshmallow Waltz

  • Score: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
  • Composer: Take One Media, MADMAX
  • Performer: -
  • Release date: 2015 (?)
  • Genres: OST
  • Cats Spotlight: Dorams

Before going to the review I'd like to add a bit of backstory. RagnarΓΆK Online is a MMO that was released in 2002 in South Korea and got insanely popular at it's time. The game was later released in multiple countries including USA in 2003 and Brazil in 2004. It was so popular that if you never played it it's probably because you are too young in the 00's or you never have had any interest in MMOs.

Even though the game isn't a massive success anymore, it still receives frequent updates in the original South Korean server. And one of them was the addition of the cutest cat humanoid race called Doram. Like everything new in the game, they got their own map with a city, dungeons and field maps.

Here it's where this review takes place, the OST of Doram's hometown and of the field maps. Even though the songs are video game OST without lyrics I think that they fit for this page because they both have 1- cat meowing at the background and 2- "the song of my people feel" of Dorams, which are the cutest cat race of any MMO.

I gave them the highest score because why wouldn't? But you can listen to them here and make your own conclusions: Marshmallow Waltz that song that plays on Malangdo (the Doram's island), Little kitty's adventure the song that plays on Lasagna (the Doram's hometown) and Welcome to Doram town the song that plays on Lasagna's fields.