Everything about fictional cats

This page title is self explanatory. I was thinking of only add a page of anime featuring cats at first, since I am always looking for short cute cat anime, but recently I've watched a cat documentary (at the date that I made this page). So I ended up searching for cat related movies but for my surprise I had a hard time searching and it was also difficult to find titles that met my standard (no cats dying and/or no villains cats). Then I decided to make this separate page featuring reviews of cat related anime and movies (and also books, dramas, etc because why not).

TL;DR: This page is about cat related media featuring cats as protagonists/co protagonists, nonfiction about cats or that the general history is about cats.

Tip: Cinema cats is a good source for cat featuring in visual media and has warnings for mistreated cats.

Here you can click on the buttons to show the different media entries. Of course there isn't anything here because it's the index.