Everything about fictional cats

    Sangsang Goyangi [상상고양이]

  • Imaginary Cat, Gato Imaginário
  • Score: 🐱🐱
  • Episodes: 8
  • Duration: 35 min
  • Release date: 2015
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of life
  • Cats Spotlight: Bokgil

I am doing this review differently from the others. I am going to leave the TL;DR first: the cat dies in the last episode.

I didn't like this drama, but the cat dying wasn't the sole reason for that (I just felt betrayed because I usually drop a series when a cat dies) but this drama is bad as a whole. So I am going to enumerate the points which I disliked instead of a general review.

The premise: Hyun Jong Hyun (the male lead) is an aspiring webtoon writer that struggles to get a debut and works part-time at a bookstore to pay his bills. He lives in a studio apartment with his 10-year-old female cat, Bokgil, that he found one rainy night on the streets. One day, he met by accident Cho Hye Jung (the female lead), who also lives in his neighborhood. She is also looking for her missing cat, Haru, who her stupid family member lost when she was sick in a hospital (and yeah, Haru is Bokgil, as if it wasn't obvious from the start lol).

The cat: I don't say this a lot, but the cat actor is really ugly (sorry, not sorry), he has an expensive luxury cat face which I think is ugly because it doesn't look even like a cat's face at all. Why do people breed cats to look like this? Also, and I don't even want to debate about the respiratory problems, excessive rheum and inability to groom their own fur. Then, the actor also looks like he is an old cat, but I couldn't find any information online about him.

The part that bothers me is that it looks like they were abusing the cat in many scenes. I don't remember everything now, but in the last episodes there was a part where the ml was giving Bokgil a pill and, instead of pretending to give the cat a pill the guy just SHOVED something the cats throats, wtf, he also squeezed the cat too many times and once even threw it in the air (??). Even in the fiction, the cat, Bokgil, is abused because her owner neglects her a lot. We can hear her thoughts and most of the time she is begging for food or for attention, while her owner is always busy (example: he goes out to drink with his friend, comes back drunk and forgets to feed her) and he says that he loves her (??).

Also, we learned that the fl feeds stray cats, but after feeding them a wretch of a neighbor that hates cats and says that cats keep "ruining his garbage" and "meowing that he can't sleep" punishes her. He even hit the fl with a broom in an episode while the ml protects her. Later, the kitten is found dead (probably poisoned by the stupid neighbor guy), but my point is why even add this scene in the drama at all? And the worse part is that the neighbor was never punished for his evil acts.

Story & characters: The story is bad and the characters are annoying and unlikable. I saw on Mydramalist people complaining that the fl was annoying, but for me, the ml was way more annoying and stupid. I think that the worse part is that someone said that the ml actor only agreed to take part in this series because he liked cats, wth. I think that there are a lot of fans of Korean actors there, so their opinion may be biased.

My two favourite stupid moments in the story are when Bokgil was sick. Her owner grabbed her with his hands and just started running out of his house to the vet. He didn't even use a pet carrier or anything. Then in the next scene, we saw that the Veterinary Hospital is just a 5-minute walk of the ml's house (lol). Then, there wasn't a receptionist or other patients at the hospital's reception, instead there was a veterinarian that examined the cat at the reception's desk. The hospital appeared in other scenes and was always empty except for the veterinarian which made me think that drama's producers didn't have enough money to hire extras lol.

My second favourite part was when the cat went missing and both fl and ml started searching in the neighborhood until ml slipped in the most dumb way hurting his wrist in the process. He also temporarily lost his motor coordination in that hand, making him unable to draw properly for a few days, until one day he started using his hand again out of the blue lol

The music: The OST is just generic kpop that you would expect in a kdrama, nothing special (but since I generally dislike kpop it's also a bad point for me).

Overall, this series doesn't have anything good to please people who like cats (I forgot to mention, but since the cat "talks" she never meows at all). I can't think of a good reason to watch it, and I still don't know why a lot of people gave such a big score for this series on Mydramalist. So it's better to avoid it at all costs. Not recommended.