Cat girl's database

I have always liked cat girls since I was a kid (I even wanted to be one at some point) and I've always liked to make lists and counting my favourite characters, but I've always thought that it was hard to find a "sfw" database of cat girls online without stepping in hentai visual novels. So after seeing another neocities user that made their own database I've decided to make my own too.

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Name Picture Series Description
Atsuko Natsume Bannou Bunka Neko-Musume Also known as Nuku Nuku, she is actually a android with a brain of a cat. Nuku Nuku was a cat that was killed into an accident and got her brains transferred to the robot. As a cat girl she doesn't have a cat appearance but she behaves like a cat. More info
Belladonna Trials of Mana Belladona is a secondary antagonist of the game. She is actually a mavole, a race of demons that originates from the Underworld of Mavolia, she has a disguise human form and her true mavolian form is of a humanoid grey cat. More info
Blair Soul Eater Blair is a secondary character of the manga and a bake neko, a monster cat with magic powers, and use her magic powers and magical hat as weapons. Her real form is actually of a black cat that can transform into a human, that also has cat ears, eyes and tail. More info
Cat (class) Trickster Online Cat is a playable cat girl class (cat is really the class name). She has cat ears, tail and paw like gloves which she uses to attack using her cat claws. More info
Chen Touhou series Chen is an antagonist of the game and a bake neko who uses her sorcerer powers in battle. She has cat ears and a split tail, which is a characteristic of bake nekos. More info
Daena Legend of Mana She is a major character of the Faeries story arc and one playable character, her weapons are nunchakus. As a cat girl she has a humanoid cat body with fairy wings and run in all fours, but since in the game world everyone with a humanoid body is considered a human she isn't from a separate species.

Her bio in the games says: "A monk soldier who protects Gato's temple. She grew up with Escad, Matilda, and Irwin, but especially adores Matilda like her own sister." More info
Felicia Darkstalkers series Felicia is a cat woman and a playable character of the game that uses her her fists/claws and legs as weapons. She has big hands and feet with claws, cat ears and tail, and she actually doesn't wear any clothing because her fur acts as some sort of bikini coverage, she also has a ability to transform into a white cat. More info
Ecaflip (race) Dofus/Wakfu Ecaflip is a playable race of humanoid cats that are of a class specialized in gambling. They have fixed appearance that can't be changed in game (you can't only change the hairstyle as far as I know), as the females used to be gingers with white fur but now they have blonde hair and brown fur. More info
Firran (race) ArcheAge Firran is a playable nomad race of humanoid cats that lives in the wild plains. Their female counterpart have a more delicate complexion, compared of their male parts, they have all body covered in fur with the exception of the part of the face to the belly and have a more humanoid face. (As far as I remember they can be any class in the game). More info
Ichigo Momomiya Tokyo Mew Mew Ichigo is the main protagonist of the manga and a magical girl, her weapon is a magical bell called StrawBell Bell. She is a normal human girl who got infused with the D.N.A. of the Iriomote cat (a Japanese wild cat of a threatened species). Since she is a magical girl, she has a transformation in which she gains cat ears and a tail, but she also can transform into a actual black cat (Note: real life Iriomote cats are stripped and not black). More info
Isabella Sword of Mana Isabella is a secondary character of the game. She is a Mavole whose real form is of a humanoid grey cat and both her human and cat girl appearance are highly similar of Belladonna from Trials of Mana (which are from the same series and Belladonna is also known as Isabella in the game). More info
Katt Breath of Fire II Katt is a playable character and that uses staff with claws on both sides as a weapon and loves to fight. She is a Waren, a warlike tribe of humanoid people with feline characteristics. Her cat characteristics are cat ears and the lower body of a tiger with fur, tail and claws. More info
Kokonoe Mercury BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. Kokonoe is a playable DLC character who is a half-beastman (a beastman is a race of sentient humanoid animals). She has cat ears and a split tail. More info
Lethe Fire Emblem series Lethe is a playable character that member of the Cat tribe of the Beast Tribe Laguz (which is a race that can shift from humanoid to animal forms, in this case a cat). Besides the ability to transform into a cat, in her human form she has both cat ears and tail. More info
Lon Femina (race) Prius Online Lon is a playable race of humanoid lion people. In this race the females are called Lon Femina while the male are Lon Mas, and they organize in villages with people of the same gender since they don't get well with the other sex. The Lon femina have less animal characteristics than their male counterpart, possessing only a lion ears and a tail, but they have a pair of horns which the male don't have. The females can only be a class in this game: the huntress. (Note: unfortunately you can't play this game anymore since their server were closed down in 2013). More info
Meracle Chamlotte Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Meracle is a playable character of the game and also a Lesser Fellpool (which is a humanoid race that descends from felines, see bellow for more info). She has cat ears and tail, which is a characteristic of her race, but the claws that she has are more mechanical/weapon like than real paws. More info
Miqo'te (race) Final Fantasy XIV Miqo'te are a race of humanoid cat people (who are like the Mithra but the males are also playable). The female counterpart of the species have cat eyes, ears and tail, they also have some physical difference between the members of the same species that are from one of the two ethnicities: Seekers of the Sun and Keepers of the Moon. More info
Mithra (race) Final Fantasy XI Mithra are a race of female dominant humanoid cat people, that only the female are playable. The females have cat ears, tail and a snout. (Note: unfortunately you can't play this game anymore since their server were closed down in 2016). More info
Norn Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana Norn is a playable cat girl who is also an magician apprentice and uses a magical staff as a weapon. She has cat ears and tail. More info
Pantera (race) BLESS Online Pantera are a race of humanoid lions that lives on the desert. The female of the species has a humanoid animal like appearance with fury, claws and a snout, they also have the ability to transform into a lion when angry. (Note: unfortunately you can't play this game anymore since their server were closed down in 2022) More info
Pericci Star Ocean Pericci is one of the main playable characters of the game. She is a Lesser Fellpool, a Fellpool is a race of humanoids that descends from felines and the Lesser Fellpool is a branch of them which is intermediate between human and cats (a fellpool only have a tail and pointy elfish ears while lesser fellpool have more cat characteristics). By being a lesser fellpool she actually has cat ears, tail, hands and feet like paws and can transform into a cat. More info
Rose +Anima Rose is a secondary character of the manga that has the anima (the spirit of an animal that attaches to a kid/teenager that is in danger and give them animal powers) of a cat. Her cat girl characteristics are cat eyes, long nails and cat like reflexes and agility. More info
Shizuka Nekonome Rosario+Vampire Shizuka is a secondary character of the manga and also a cat yokai. She is the homeroom teacher of the protagonists in the Yokai Academy (school of monsters) but as a cat girl her only cat characteristics are her cat tail, that she hides to keep her human form, because her cat ears look similar enough to her hair. More info
Taokaka Blazblue series Taokaka is a playable character that belongs to the Kaka tribe, a tribe of humanoid cat people with hidden black/void faces like the black mages from Final Fantasy series and attacks with her claws. She has a cat tail, cat ears shaped hoodie and cat paw patterned sleeves. More info
Uriko Nonomura Bloody Roar series Uriko is a major villain in the first game and a playable character in the others, when transformed her weapons are her claws. She is a Zoanthrope, a person with the ability to transform into an animal hybrid. At the first game of the series she had the ability to turn into a chimera (that wasn't really a cat girl) but after the events of the second game she tried to transform into the chimera but ended up halfway as a cat. As a cat girl she has a normal human form and a humanoid cat form that is similar to a tabby cat. More info