Ame's cat blog

About the cat blog

I had found out about through Neocities and decided to create an account on it (besides having my own blog here I've never created a blog before and I didn't use any blog platform either but I liked bear and it's simple layout and decided to create an account). But after creating my account I've thought, why did I created an account on another site if I already have neocities? I could create the same thing on my own site, also I would have to manage two accounts which is overkill to me.

I liked bear as a platform (and I could have used it if I didn't had a neocities already) but besides being overkill, after I customise my I realised that customising the css of another site is more work than creating a code from scratch. So inspired by the Bearblog simple layouts I've decide to create a simple layout which would be simple and free of distractions (I also got inspired by Ocean waves Zonelet blog).

But why would I create another blog? Since I already have a blog on my main page, why have the work to create another one? I've created that blog to be a diary/personal blog/to show funny stuff that happens in my everyday life so I didn't bother with the layout or giving each post a title or make it easy to find a post but after what I've discussed before I wanted a whole page dedicated to the blog, with a easy to read layout and separate posts per page (with titles) and more focused posts. Also I've named it Cat blog so I could differentiate from the other one.