Date: 21/08/23
Mood: (ↀДↀ)⁼³₌₃

I've nothing much to talk about, just a bunch of random unrelated stuff here. I'm thinking of probably making this blog into a commonplace book and making a new blog on bear cafe. I've just liked how it looks, even though I thought about not creating a new account on another site (but created a status cafe account so I can't trust my own words LOL). And about the commonplace book I'll create a page on my Cleaning Book about it but to summarise it's pretty much a notebook where you write down all important stuff or things that you want to remember or anything that you want to.

Here's my unsorted list of thoughts:

  • Making a shrine about sweets was a bad, bad idea, now every time that I updated it I get hungry ( •̀д•́)
  • I've been obsessed with hoarding links lately, it became my new hobby and it's fun when you don't have a buffy computer to play new games. In summary web surfing is wonderful
  • I have more page ideas now than the links listed here on the left sidebar. At first I just wanted to order my bookmarks, art resources stuff and sims cc but after spending this much time browsing other sites and neocities I've getting more and more new ideas
  • I am so annoyed with the weather lately, one day is sunny, bright and hot and the next day is grey, raining/cloudy and freezing. But hopefully next month will start spring and I can have more sunny days
  • I am replaying FFV again and I am starting to think that Bartz is the best protagonist in this series (though I still like Cloud and Squall, I loved how laid back he is lol). Also, why didn't SE made a remake of this game? I would love to see all the jobs in 3D (like they did in FFX-2)
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