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Disclaimer: Some of the links referenced on this page might contain nudity, and even though nude models for figure drawing are supposed to be common/everyday poses I've seen on some of these sites photos with explicit poses, also some of the artists draw nude people so these aren't safe to view at work or if you are underage you should consider going back home on the menu above.


This a personal page where I can place all my art related stuff so I can reference easily later, it contains my influence map, a complete list of all of my favourite artists, and my art resources: my favourite/plan to read books, favourite artists on youtube, a bunch of sites for figure drawing and other references and my recent interest which is pixel art.

Though it isn't much I've included all links which I mainly use. I'll try to check for dead links and update it if I have new resources, so I hope it'll be useful for more aspiring artists other than me °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Also if you have some art resources that you want to share contact me so I can check if I ended up using it I'll add to the page (just cause I'm always looking for new resources, specially videos of figure drawing sessions).

Influence Map

My influence map with everything that I like and try to make into my art so I can check it always and have it here as a backup. In case you don't know which a influence map is, the influence map was created by foxorian on DA and it's a image grid where you place everything that influences you as an artist. Template linked here so you can make one to yourself too.

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Favourite artists

Complete list of my favourite artists, which are all artists that either influences me or that I try to emulate their art style categorized by type of art or that I think of a inspiration more than an influence of their art style. I also provided a link to their social media (or their wikipedia page in case they don't have social media/the artist lived before Internet).

Traditional Artists:

Digital Artists:

Both digital/traditional:


Inspo artists:

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Drawing books

Books on my reading list: reading, on hold or to read, categorized by type, (hover on the images to check the book title). Mostly are on my plan to read so I'm not checked all of them by myself to see if they are good or not but I highly recommend starting of Loomis.

Currently reading: -


Figure drawing:


Painting and colors:

Books for beginners:

Loomis' books:

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Learn to draw

All drawing courses that I could find that picked my interest and Youtube artists that also teach drawing that I follow.

Drawing courses: Youtube artists who have teaching videos:
  • Ahmed Aldoori: have some drawing tutorials (don't know much about him yet).
  • Alphonso Dunn: solid content especially about figure drawing and fundamentals.
  • Bobby Chiu: mostly about life advice with interview with other artists and his plant people series.
  • Glenn Vilppu: Vilppu's channel, it doesn't have much stuff but it's cool just to look at him drawing.
  • Modern Day James: have some drawing tutorials (don't know much about him yet).
  • Proko: Proko's channel, as far as I know he has the same videos here there are on his drawing course, but here is free (of course it don't have the tutoring though).
  • Sinix Design: mostly tutorials about digital drawing.
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Drawing references

References for figure drawing (clothed and unclothed), anime, hair, animals and some other cool links that I could find.

Figure drawing:
  • Artist references: photo references for figure drawing with nude models, environment textures and 3D textures
  • Character designs: photo references for drawing including nude and clothed models.
  • Line of action: photo references of nude and clothed models, animals, face, hands and feet. You can also set a timer for a drawing session.
  • New Masters Academy: their youtube channel, have some figure drawing sessions of nude and clothed models.
  • Posemaniacs: 3D "skinless" models of different poses.
  • Quickposes: photo references of nude and clothed models, animals, face, hands and feet. You can also set a timer for a drawing session.
  • Reference sketch daily: Photo references of models, animals and others for timed and untimed drawing sessions.
Reference stock photos: Other:
  • Animal photo art reference: 3D models of animals skulls.
  • Art-res: Tool that generate random pictures to use as art reference.
  • Artvee: Database of public domain high res art, it includes a search function.
  • Hair finder: not a properly site for drawing reference but has great pictures of different hairstyles.
  • Pinterest: one of the best sites to order all your images and to search for pictures, I use it as a search engine to find inspiration from different artists and reference pictures.
  • Pureref: some software to order your reference images (I'm bookmarked it but still haven't used).
  • Anime Galleries: site with a gallery of anime illustrations, scans and screenshots (unfortunately not updated since 2014).
  • Anime Gallery: site with a gallery of anime and game illustrations (unfortunately not updated since 2009).
  • Creative Uncut: site featuring tons of video game concept art (it's online since 2003)
  • Safebooru: similar idea to Zerochan (but be warned that there is some ecchi fanarts so it's difficult to navigate here)
  • Zerochan: actually just a site that repost images (they credit the artists but probably the artists don't know that they are being reposted), but the good point of this site is to look for new artists (especially for anime, but not only this).
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Other cool links

Some other sites which didn't fit in any of the other categories including sites for virtual portfolio and about pixel art.

Art sites:
  • Artstation: virtual portfolio (Used to be a professional version of DA, but I heard how artists boycotted it after the introductiong of AI "art").
  • CG Society: virtual portfolio, centered around digital art.
  • Deviantart: virtual portfolio art community (I don't know how relevant it's now since they introduced AI "art" into the site).
  • Crimson daggers: an art forum, but I don't know much it yet.
  • Concept Art Empire: A blog-like site about concept art.
  • Concept Art World: a site centered around concept art.